Thursday, August 14, 2014

Teaching Kids to Use Scissors

Here are some helpful things I learned recently about teaching kids to use scissors:

I tried this method out today with Claire. I rolled some Play Dough into "worm" shapes and gave her first pair of scissors to her. When I demonstrated how to hold them, she said, "I want to do it", so I let her have at it on her own. She attempted to hold the scissors with one hand but I could tell that it was awkward and her hands were just too small. She resorted back to using two hands shortly after. She did manage to cut the Play Dough on her own, using her two-handed method. She seemed to enjoy the activity too. It's definitely something I will try with her again.

    I tried this technique out with both Claire and Nora. It really helped Nora out A LOT. This was the first time I really paid attention to how she holds a pair of scissors and I noticed that she held them by putting her thumb in the wider opening and her fingers in the smaller one. Once I put the sticker on top of the thumb hole side, she got it right away! The only trouble we had was getting the smiley face to stick (we used a smiley face sticker instead of an eye). I blame the surface of the scissors. They weren't entirely smooth. I tried reinforcing it with tape but it just would not stay. *Sidenote: I also put a smiley sticker and some tape on Nora's Fisker scissors for school and did not seem to have this problem. So this method would work best if you can find a pair of scissors with a smooth surface rather than a slightly textured one. Anyhow, this is another awesome method that worked out really well for us.

     I would definitely recommend both of these techniques and plan on using them both again!!! They were both highly effective and the girls enjoyed them too. Win win if you ask me :)

    Saturday, February 22, 2014

    Wow, Such a Change

    Pre-K Photo (Fall)

    Pre-K Photo (Spring)

    ...and here I thought two photo shoots in one school year was just excessive. My cynical-leaning mind was just shouting, oh sure, more money for the photo companies. We never had two photos taken when I was a kid, etc, etc, etc... But wow, what a change I see here!! Right here before my eyes and I didn't even notice until I just placed these two photos side by side. Wow, Nora you really do look different! I'm a bit floored, actually. You look almost baby-ish in your Fall photo from 2013 and undeniably girl-ish in your Spring one from 2014. And it's not just your looks that are different. You're now much less reserved, less unsure, much MORE talkative and super inquisitive to boot!!! And, *sigh*, much less the little toddler/baby/tadpole you once were :'(

    However, Nora, you are still my first little darling and nobody can EVER change that. Much love to you Little P!! You're the bestest!!


    Wednesday, February 5, 2014

    40 before 40...a bit at a time

    a new set of goals, though some remain the same...only adding when i think of things worthy
    1. obtain a preschool teaching position/work in childcare once the girls are both in school
    2. pursue my master's in Early Childhood education and obtain a teaching position
    3. knit my own socks
    4. find a church and become a member
    5. crochet myself a cardigan
    6. renew wedding vows (10 yrs)
    7. host mom/kid sleepover
    8. buy a house
    9. learn to use a sewing machine
    10. learn to play the violin
    11. grow my own tomatoes
    12. eat more family dinners at the table
    13. adopt a dog

    Wednesday, October 9, 2013

    Me & Nora Time

    I recently sneaked in some time, just for me and my eldest girl. I am SO very happy that I did :) We spent some creative time together at our local pottery painting place.

    Nora made a drippy cone and I made a few tiny treasures. I absolutely savored each minute that we spent. Our one-on-one is far too scarce.

    It felt so good to reconnect with my girl. Especially since she is in school now. She is starting to become a part of this great, wide world. It's been a bit tough letting go.

    Honestly though, she is doing so well. She makes me so proud every day. Still, it feels nice having her all to myself. Even for only an hour.